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Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and send it to the NDBA office. Upon receipt of this signed copy, we will contact you for information regarding the animals you wish to buy or sell.

The listing of animals is a service being provided for our members. If you are interested in listing animals, you must first become a member of the Association. By signing this form you agree to a 3% commission fee. The 3% fee will be applied to the gross sale price negotiated between the buyer and seller. The commission fee only applies if the sale was assisted by the listing on the NDBA web page. This will obviously require our members to notify the NDBA whether or not the web listing aided in the sale and whether or not the 3% commission applies to the sale.

The Association cannot be held accountable for any terms of agreement between the buyer and the seller. This service is strictly a service being offered for members to publicly list their animals for sale or those animals they wish to buy.


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I understand that by listing my animals on the NDBA web page I will voluntarily submit 3% of the gross purchase price to the NDBA if the listing aids in the sale of my animals. I further understand that my listing of animals on the NDBA web page does not hold the NDBA liable for any sales or claims associated with the listed animals.

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North Dakota Buffalo Association

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Executive Director: Barry Coleman



P: 701-530-1997

E-mail [email protected]

F: 701-223-4130